10 most frequent tics

It is estimated that 10% of children present at some point tics (what are known as transient tics of childhood), and between 2 and 5% keep them in shape chronicle .

They usually appear as a consequence of some external cause and their repetition turns them into habit , that once established will make the tic emerge in a way involuntary , repeated , without any cause or purpose. They disappear during the dream and can be canceled for a short period of time, thanks to the will of the subject, the relaxation or by concentrating a lot on some activity.

On the contrary, when the person feels nervous , angry or tired, increase their intensity. When these motor tics they last for more than a year, and are associated with vocal tics , the painting is called Gilles de la Tourette syndrome .

In 1885, the French neurologist George Gilles de la Tourette described a group of patients who presented involuntary movements (motor tics ) and spontaneously issued screams and other vocalizations (vocal tics ).

Therefore, in GetQoralHealth we present you the 10 most common tics:

1. Blinking 2. Grimacing 3. Shrugging shoulders 4. Head shaking 5. Eye movements known as oculogyros 6. Trunk flex 7. Jumps 8. Head contortions 9. Nasal and hacking noises 10. Whistling and whistling.

It is highly recommended to treat this disease exercise , as well as massages and one gymnastics special for muscles involved in the tic .

Many times it will also be necessary to go to a psychologist. In the case of children It is very important that parents do not show anxiety before the problem of his son, and much less that they reprimand him.

If he boy is subject to some kind of tension , its problem is accentuated more, reason why an atmosphere must always be propitiated relaxed and quiet for him, where he can tell us about his fears .


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