Oral cancer?

Cancer is one of the biggest problems facing humanity, not only in the field of public health, but also for the sciences in general, and some of the most common types of cancer and that can be detected more easily in their early stages is oral cancer.

Oral cancer is a destructive disease of the oral oral region. It can affect the tongue, the inside of the cheeks, the hard palate (the front region of the roof of the mouth) or the gums, in the back of the throat or in the salivary glands.


White ulcers are very characteristic (aphthous type) but curiously they are usually painless. The patient has been with them for more than a month, they do not take it off and they do not hurt him ", says the dentistMiguel Ángel Schad .


Warning signs

Stay alert you should visit your dentist if you observe any of the following anomalies:

1. A sore on the lips, on the gums or inside your mouth that bleeds easily and does not heal.

2. A lump or thickening in the cheek that you can perceive with the tongue.

3. Loss of sensations or numbness in any part of the mouth.

4. White or red spots on the gums, tongue or inside the mouth.

5 . Difficulty chewing or swallowing food


Risk factor's

The most serious risk factors in oral cancer are alcohol intake, poor oral hygiene and smoking.

Other factors that may increase the risk of oral cancer are, among others: chronic irritation (due, for example, to rough teeth, false teeth or defective fillings), poor oral and dental hygiene.


I recommend that people examine their mouths every time they brush their teeth and go periodically with a dentist, who when seeing the lesions will determine if it is a minor problem or should refer it to an oncologist.


The faster you go with this expert and give him a treatment, the more likely you are to fight against oral cancer. Otherwise, the cancer advances faster through the blood flow and metastasize, "explains Schad.

Avoiding cigarettes or other tobacco use, having dental problems corrected, limiting or avoiding alcohol consumption and practicing good oral hygiene can effectively prevent the appearance of oral cancer.

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