Take care of your body during pregnancy

Feel at ease with your body and take care of you skin it also means living with serenity and joy on pregnancy . In this article we list the most frequent aesthetic problems, as well as the most effective care that we must carry out during the waiting months.


Fifth month. Enough of swollen feet

From the second half of pregnancy , the feet become inflamed easily (especially at night), to the point that it is often not possible to place the footwear.

You should resort to the use of soft and comfortable shoes, made of skin natural, which allows a good transpiration. It is better not to use shoes made with synthetic materials, which can lead to excessive perspiration .

The graduated stockings offer a great relief, as well as the foot baths; After soaking them for 10 minutes, you should rinse them with cold water. If the skin of the feet is very dry, add refreshing mineral salts (mint or sage) to the water.

Every night, after having smeared a good moisturizing product, spend a few minutes moving your fingers, separating them well from each other and turning your ankles in both directions. Take advantage of the time when you watch television: rest your legs when you put your feet up, leaning on the pillows.


Sixth month. End the spots

A typical problem of pregnancy , which affects especially the skins more brown, is the gravidarum chloasma , a series of dark spots that appear on the face.

Those spots, caused by hormones sexual, they are almost always concentrated around the eyes and in the nose; It is a photosensitization of the dermis, that is, it develops due to the effects of the sun's rays, including those of the winter sun.

Women who have already suffered this type of spots in pregnancies former, or as a consequence of the use of the anticonceptive pill , are more predisposed to suffer the gravidarum chloasma .

To prevent blemishes, a day cream with sunscreen should be used. But if they have already appeared, you can resort to nighttime use of soft creams based on polyalphahydroxy acids, which make the skin and stimulate cell regeneration.

You can also use masks based on honey and clay, which are very good in these cases. You should avoid sunning yourself, because UV rays, in addition to accelerating the aging , impoverish the dermis and trigger the formation of spots.


Seventh month. Go to aesthetics

The aesthetic treatments are also of great help for the health and beauty of the pregnant .

Care dedicated to the chest is very important (massages ), which serve to keep it firm and strong; so you can avoid problems with the lactation and then they will return to their natural state.

Eighth month. Take care of irritations

During this month, the skin of some areas has reached almost its maximum tension, so it is normal to occur chafing , especially in the folds located under the breasts and in the groin.

Good washing and drying, with a soft cotton or linen towel, as well as a product humectant They can be a good help. Occasionally, the Candida Albicans , a fungus of the skin which can cause painful cracks. In this case the woman should immediately consult the dermatologist .


Ninth month. Healthy hair

Due to the hormones of pregnancy the hair is beautiful and bright. However, during lactation , presents an opaque and very rough appearance. You can also lose strength, and even split and fall.

The most appropriate time to treat it is during the last months of pregnancy. It is advisable to avoid permanents, lights, dyes and treatments very often.

The iron and the folic acid (precursor of the vitamin B12), prescribed by the gynecologist , are optimal restorative for hair. To wash it we can use a shampoo with a pH between 5 and 7.5. If we use the dryer we should keep it more than 20 centimeters away.

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