Male sex more vulnerable to die of love

"Men are more vulnerable to dying of love," is not a simple phrase, but a whole reality. According to a text published in the magazine: Epidemiology, made by the St. Andrews University, 40% of men and 26% of women die within three years after the death of their loved one.

In this regard, the director of the research, Professor Paul Boyle, said: "It is a clear demonstration that social factors, such as lose a couple , have a direct impact on the life expectancy of the widowers , which adds to the individual factors. "

For several years, scientists have suspected that this is because couples share similar lifestyles and are exposed to the same health risks that sooner or later account for them.

The research evaluated a wide range of causes of death, such as diseases , the Aalcohol buso , the smoking , and even suicides .

The scientists found "overwhelming evidence" that many widowers and widowers were more likely to die after losing their spouse:

"The key message is that it does not matter what the cause of death is because there is still an effect of widowhood that we do not fully know and that clearly is stronger in men," Boyle added.

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