Know what foods give you a good sleep

For a person to have quality of life, be healthy and consequently live better, it is essential that they enjoy a good sleep, since in it they carry out several metabolic processes that the human being requires to feel good.

Sleep little negatively alters the ability of concentration, learning and memory of people, so, here we give you some recommendations to sleep as a little angel.


Choose foods that have iron

It has been proven that products rich in iron, such as red meat, fish, skinless chicken, cereals, lentils and green leafy vegetables, which are rich in this mineral, prevent the presence of insomnia.

Proteins, like sunflower seeds, flax, sesame and squash, provide omega 6 fatty acids, which have a direct effect on the nerves of the brain.

However, not all foods favor a good sleep, since products such as caffeine, chocolate and tea alter the nervous system, which prevents the body and mind from relaxing.

The above, combined with the consumption of foods rich in fat and calories such as lard, margarine, oils, cookies and fried foods, significantly deteriorate the presence of a restful sleep, since the metabolism is altered and prevents the body from resting.