Internal well-being!

Where you turn to see there is a wide gastronomic offer, but, is this synonymous with a balanced diet? According to guidelines of the United States Department of Agriculture, A man or woman with a sedentary life of more than 30 years must have a calorie intake of 1800 to 2200.


A balanced diet, which helps weight loss, is basic that is rich in nutrients. Since to reduce some kilos it is important that you have a caloric burn greater than what you consume; that is, the key is in the portions ", as indicated by a study of the National Library of Medicine of the United States.


Internal well-being!

To change your eating habits for a healthier one, and that allow you to have a balanced diet, Super GetQoralHealth offers you some basics that will help you and that should not be needed in your kitchen.


1. That the starch is the basis of your dishes

According to an article prepared by NHS Choices, from the Health and Welfare Information Center of the United Kingdom, Starches are the elements that will give you energy for the whole day. You can choose between different options; example, the potato with its skin, since it is rich in fiber.


2. Almonds oil

Besides having laxative properties, this food contributes to skin elasticity, softness and above all hydration. It is an excellent antioxidant, which also benefits intestinal health.

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