Windsurfing and sailing at the Olympics

In the coming weeks, after the inauguration of the Olympic fair, three Mexicans enter into action one of the Olympic Sports more attractive and dynamic due to the type of physical demand, mastery in technique and the concentration it requires: candle , in its different modalities.

The Mexican delegation includes Mexican sailors Tanía Elías Calles, David Mier and Terán and Ricardo Montemayor who have had extensive training in various national and foreign competitions, as in the world championship of the specialty, according to

Practicing this type of activity brings great benefits of physical resistance, improves the joints and tendons, but above all, allows you to perceive new sensations of freedom and adrenalin because the energy of nature discharges the stress accumulated, in addition to toning the body, with visible results in the short term.

To learn more about the requirement of windsurf , we present the video of one of the practices of Mier and Terán , which was preparing for the previous Olympic fair:

In this discipline, quadriceps they are the big players, but it is also necessary to have ABS strong because they are important to maintain the position on the table.

Also, the discipline helps strengthen your back, arms and buttocks, because it combines aerobic work and toning, according to

Therefore, these three sailors have had an arduous training for many years, as well as a good performance during the Pan-American Games, held in Guadalajara, and other European competitions.

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