No more worries

As women we love to do many things at the same time, take the time at the office, go to the gym, go out with friends and give us a space to rest but we also love to always look ready for whatever comes and it is key to control sweating.

To achieve this, we can use antiperspirants that in addition to protecting us all day leave our skin soft.

Use the right one for you!


No more worries

If you are one of the women who are busy all the time with a thousand activities, you need a product that takes care of and protects your skin from stress sweating. The new antiperspirant bar NIVEA Stress Protect is ideal, thanks to its exclusive formula based on Zinc + "Stress Protect Active Complexes", which will make you feel safe all day.


Avoid the spots!

If you love sleeveless dresses and blouses, you will not have to worry about stains in your armpits. With the new antiperspirant bar NIVEA Natural Rinse you will recover the natural tone of your skin so that you look always incredible, put on what you wear!


Protect your clothes from stains

Nothing can bother us more than our closet basics, white blouses or black dresses have stains on the deodorant!

You can avoid this with the help of the new antiperspirant bar NIVEA Invisible For Black & White , that protects your black clothes with white spots and your white clothes from those horrible yellow spots.


Consent to your skin

Just as you take care of your face or your body, it also takes care of your armpits. With the new antiperspirant bar NIVEA Protection and Care You can achieve it, because it gives you a feeling of soft skin, while protecting you for 48 hours with its alcohol-free formula.

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