If you are happy, do you live more?

Most people are in the continuous search for this feeling: happiness. Whether it is related to professional satisfaction, fullness in family and social relationships or simple welfare with oneself, being happy can have a benefit superior to feeling, it can be a factor that extends life.

According to an investigation published in the Health and Well-Being,   "Happy People live longe", in which more than 160 studies were analyzed related to the effect that happiness has on health, it was discovered that it can directly influence the extension of life.

After observing the results obtained from seven different types of tests, Ed Diener and Micaela Y, leaders and study authors concluded that high levels of well-being such as: life satisfaction, absence of negative emotions, optimism and positive feelings produced in people a better health and longevity.

This is because the positive moods improve the function of the immune system, promote cardiac recovery after an effort and accelerate healing. To enjoy better health, therefore, it is crucial to think positive.

These studies on the connection between happiness and health, made with populations from different regions of the world and also with animals in the laboratory, consistently show that while the joie de vivre protects us from diseases, negative feelings such as anxiety, depression and pessimism and the lack of pleasurable activities have the opposite effect.

Therefore, in addition to having a balanced diet and include more exercise in your life, experts also recommend that you include in your life a dose of positive attitude, but above all happiness. What are you waiting for?

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