Exercise routine vs. constipation

The best exercises to prevent or reduce discomfort due to constipation are those who work the area abdominal . The main risk factors are inadequate nutrition, lack of exercise , and what is usually called as 'negligence to call', according to the Spanish Foundation of the Digestive System.

This disorder affects men, twice as many women, and triple the number of elderly people, according to information from elmundo.es, so there are several ways to prevent constipation. The exercise is one of them.

The sedentary lifestyle is one of the main factors of constipation, so in GetQoralHealth we present a simple routine so you can prevent or fight it, to have a good time again digestive health :

In addition, we recommend making these two singles exercises at home, work or wherever you prefer:

1. Lie on the floor on a mat, blanket or towel, and bend your legs over your chest. Swing your hips with your legs up and lower them until you touch the ground with the tips of your feet. Make the exercise in a smooth way Repeat 10 slow and continuous balances.

2. In the same position as in the exercise anterior, but now resting the forearms on the floor, bend the knees and pull them towards the chest, in order to contract the abdomen. Apply pressure and hold for at least 15 seconds, then return to relax. Perform 5 repetitions.

The ideal is to do these exercises at least twice a day (one series in the morning and another at night, for example). At the end of each series, give a massage to your belly in a circular shape with the palm of your hands to reactivate the intestinal work and relax the abdominal muscles.

With these routines you will soon notice a great improvement and no constipation. However, just as important as the exercise is to have a good diet that includes fiber, drink enough water and rest properly.

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