Top 7 exercises to lose weight in summer

The summer is the ideal time to get fit and look the figure that has always been desired, because the days during this season are longer, outdoor activities are more enjoyable and there is a greater mood and attitude to do slimming exercises .

Therefore, in GetQoralHealth we present you some of the best exercises to lose weight in summer and enjoy this season with an enviable body, according to

1. Swimming . It is an aerobic exercise that requires a concentrated effort in certain specific areas, such as the abdomen, so spending a few minutes in the pool can help you burn up to 500 calories, reduce fat in hip and waist, to show a flat belly . In the sea you can also enjoy the benefits of waves in your body, which translates into greater strength and strength.

2. Bicycle. In all its variants, it is an aerobic exercise that allows to lose weight adequately, improves blood circulation and cardiovascular function, although it is not very suitable for people with knee problems. Sessions of 40-60 minutes are effective, with which you can burn up to 450 calories, starting with three days a week.

3. Jump the rope. Is a exercise fun and effective against excess weight, helps burn calories, does not require any expense and does not take much time, in addition to strengthening all the musculature in general and the heart; You can start with small sessions of five minutes a day and gradually increase. You burn up to 350 calories.

4. Skating. It is an aerobic exercise that in addition to helping you strengthen your core, legs and hips, will help you to know many new places and have fun during the summer. Skating between 30 and 60 minutes allows you to burn more than 300 calories, as well as improve your balance and endurance. Maintaining the pace requires mental concentration and physical effort, but its results are immediately evident.

5. Squats . In holidays, especially we show the legs, whether in shorts, bikini or mini skirts, in the case of women, so this exercise It will serve you very well to tone your legs and glutes. To have better results and do it correctly, press your muscles in each of the repetitions and keep your back well aligned. Start with 3 sets of 10 repetitions and increase with the passage of the weeks.

6. Rowing-boating. It's a kind of exercise or sport that can be practiced both indoors and outdoors, which is ideal for summer . It allows you to burn the fat of your whole body and strengthen your cardiovascular system; In addition, it is ideal for toning the upper trunk, arms, waist and abdomen, as well as balance and concentration. It is ideal to go out and relax with your partner and enjoy nature. In one hour you can burn up to 300 calories.

7. Volleyball. It is a complete cardiovascular exercise due to the effort it requires. In addition to being an ideal beach practice, fun, team and competitive, this type of exercise especially tones the legs, abdomen and buttocks; improves endurance and coordination You can burn around 250 calories in a game.

Remember that before practicing any of these activities, you must perform a pre-warming and preferably advisory.

In addition, for these slimming exercises to be effective, it is important that you combine them with a balanced diet and sufficient hydration at this time. But without a doubt, the most important thing, in addition to helping you get fit, is that you will have fun doing them.

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