Exercise routine for the park

How long have you not visited a park? Although you may not believe this place more than memories, it can provide many benefits for your body, since you can tone up your muscles if you practice a good exercise routine in the park.

According to information published in The Huffington Post, all you need is to find a playground near your house, that you have games like slides, handrails, swings and benches.

Before starting with this exercise routine you should warm up your body to avoid any type of injury. You can start with a slow trot in the surroundings for 10 minutes; then perform some jumps, leg changes and light kicks.

1. Slide. Stand in front of the stairs and grab the side edges with your hands. Flex your right knee and place your foot on the highest step you can; Impulse yourself to raise the left and put it on the same level.

Then one of the legs returns to the grass and then the other, to start the exercise again. Do 12 or 15 repetitions.

2. Bank. Open your legs and place one on each side of the bench with the knees slightly bent and the arms extended towards the front. Slowly lower and jump so you are on top of her.

Then jump while you open your legs again, so that you are as in the initial position. Repeat five times.

4. Handrails Take the edge of this children's game with your hands and arms stretched. Impulse yourself to raise your body until your shoulders are at the height of the handrail. Hold the position for a second and return to the starting position. Do 15 repetitions.

5. Run. Look for a hill or elevation that is in the park. Run over it 10 times and return to your starting point.

6. Swings. Rest your feet on the surface of one of the swings. Put your hands on the ground and stretch your body. Bend your knees slowly until they are level with your chest and return to the starting position. Do 15 repetitions.

With these exercises you can exercise your body while remembering all the games of your childhood. At the end of your activity you can enjoy your visit to the park in a traditional way. And you, how do you keep fit?

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