Essential nutrient

The vegetables they are an important source of proteins . These nutrients are essential for the body to function properly. They provide Energy , they help increase and body development, they build and regenerate the tissues (muscles) and create defenses against diseases.

Information of American Heart Association explains that the vegetable proteins , unlike those of animal origin, they contain some of the nine amino acids fundamental Recommends combining them with other foods that contain these nutrients.


Essential nutrient

The vegetables are a healthy option to obtain significant amounts of protein . Unlike meats, they facilitate the digestion , they contribute fiber and they contain few calories . You can include them in different preparations as salads and stews.

The World Health Organization recommends consuming 0.75 grams per day of protein for each kilo of weight.

1. Asparagus Concentrates 2.2 grams of protein for every 100g. It contains a significant amount of asparagine , an essential amino acid to synthesize the muscle mass of the body , as well as keeping the nervous system . It also helps to improve the secretion of insulin , explains a study published in British Journal of Nutrition .

2. Spinach A cup of cooked spinach provides between 5.40 and 7g of protein . A study published in Cell Metabolism explains that this vegetable is favorable for to stimulate the capacity force Y to get better the tone muscular for the nitrates containing.

3. Broccoli It is a vegetable that helps to cover the daily needs of protein . One cup of broccoli contributes 2.57 grams of the nutrient. This amount represents 5% of the recommended daily consumption for men, which is 56 grams. Women get 6% of the 46 grams they should consume per day.

4. Lettuce. For every 100 grams of fresh lettuce consumed, approximately 1.6 grams of protein , in addition, contains nine basic amino acids. It is considered a vegetable because it provides a good amount of this nutrient, according to information from the Autonomous University of Chapingo from Mexico.

5. Carrot. Carrots are another source of proteins , each 100 grams contain 1.25 grams of the nutrient. According to information from Newcastle University In the United Kingdom, carrots contain compounds that help kill cells carcinogenic .

You can achieve delicious combinations to take advantage of protein of these vegetables, for example, in juices , ensaldas , raw or cooked. Which of these do you usually eat?

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