Emotional release technique

It is a tool that handles "tapping" or knocking, in which the energy system of the human being is stimulated to produce an emotional balance. It has bases of acupuncture, only that instead of using needles, fingers are used.

The tapping of selected points produces a rearrangement of the flow of energy in the organism, restoring emotional, mental and physical blockages and imbalances.

The Emotional Freedom Technique , was developed by Gary Craig, an American engineer, from Stanford, California, in 1995 and is based on techniques of Chinese medicine and psychology.

In this sense, Craig argues that "the consequence of all negative emotions is an alteration in the body's energy system" .


Benefits of this technique

1. It releases the desire to ingest addictive cravings like cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.

2. Reduces anxiety and panic attacks

3. Decreases feelings of depression and sadness

4. It releases various emotional traumas.

5. Help face the loss of a loved one.

6. Reduce stress levels

7. It allows to lose weight, having a better control over things.

Video Medicine: Emotional Release Technique (December 2022).