10 aromas to relax

Aromatherapy and some other alternative therapies use essential oils for therapeutic purposes thanks to their properties, so they apply different scents not only for the treatment and relief of common ailments, but also to provide relaxation and balance to the body and mind.

Essential oils are capable of producing more molecules with oxygenation than any other known substance, so they are undoubtedly an important key to regenerate the balance in each of our cells.

Therefore, we present some of the essential oils that, by their effects and properties, give you physical and mental balance. They help to relax you, reduce your stress and anxiety, in addition to promoting a better rest.

Remember that if you decide to apply some massage or small drops on the body, it should never be direct to the eyes, besides that they can not be applied in their pure state, so it is necessary to dilute them with other oils known as base oils or in water. previous way

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Video Medicine: Aromatherapy Massage [ASMR] //soothing music (December 2023).