Ellen West joins with Curves against food disorders

In order to prevent and report on the eating disorders as the anorexy , bulimia Y compulsive eaters , the Ellen West Foundation , made an alliance with the Exercise Center Curves. The idea came about because many women who come to Curves , present certain disorders, which must be channeled, to avoid deaths because of the Disorders of Eating Disorders (TDA)

At a press conference, the director of the Ellen West Foundation, the doctor Aracely Aizpuro He pointed out that gyms are a double-edged sword for people who are vulnerable to developing some ADD, because they become obsessed with exercise. Therefore, he said, Curves It is ideal to be part of the treatment of patients with anorexy Y bulimia :

"The exercise program they run in this center is only 30 minutes, enough time to be healthy and fit, since they are personalized programs focused on women."

For his part, the director in Latin America of Curves, José Antonio Barrera , said: "With this support, information on various eating disorders will reach more than 40,000 members in Mexico and for all age groups, since in our center there are members from 8 to 80 years of age. Remember that these disorders do not respect sex, age, or socioeconomic level. "

This alliance reinforces the campaign launched by Ellen West in 2010, entitled: Anorexia and Bulimia are difficult problems to see, where in all gyms of Curves in the Mexican Republic (more than 150), stamps will be placed with preventive and reflexive legends, so that people pay more attention to the foci of this disease.

The event included the participation of Lupita Jones , who for more than 10 years has been the ambassador of Ellen West; Dafne Molina , Our Beauty World 2006; Cynthia de la Vega , Our Beauty World 2004; Marco Di Mauro , singer and actor Martín Barba . See the photo gallery .  

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