X-ray of Lady Di

A beautiful princess, a leader who inspired and a compassionate citizen, are terms that describe what the Princess Diana of Wales represented during his short life. It is considered an icon of the twentieth century and known as "the princess of hearts", but all those attributes were not enough to bring happiness to his short life that was surrounded by drama and disease.

Diana married the Prince carlos in 1981, when she was only 20 years old and received the title of her "Royal Highness, Princess Diana of Wales". But despite the fairy tale, a person with problems of depression, anorexia and bulimia.

There were several factors that influenced the princess in her struggle bulimia Y emotional stability :



Diana had suffered depression from the adolescence , because he suffered a loss of confidence, moments of rejection and isolation upon learning that his parents had divorced.

Although at the time of getting married Diana was emotionally stable It did not take long for him to fall back. Their marriage deteriorated in the late 1980s, shortly after the birth of their second son, Prince Harry. In fact, they say that Prince Carlos (her husband) began to criticize and demoralize her. These words and actions were what awakened his state depressant I had previously suffered.

If to this we add the monarchical oppression that the royal family imposed on him, then we have a princess who immersed herself in a huge loneliness , causing the depression On the rise, Diana came to say that she felt in a prison from which she could not escape.

So the pressure of fame, on someone with such a weak personality since before marriage and their failed marriage, caused a collapse in her with 5 attempts to suicide and leading to a serious problem of anorexy Y bulimia .



The anorexy nervous is a mental illness that consists of a loss of weight derived from an intense fear of obesity and achieved by the person who falls ill through a series of behaviors. It is a problem that usually reflects other, more serious problems such as family disintegration.

In search of an exit to the depression who was living, Diana started with problems of anorexy Thus, while struggling with a nutritional problem and depression, Diana watched her marriage collapse.

Little by little the problems were increasing to the extent that the couple peeled in public and started a separate marital life. As a result of this emotional tension the princess started her battle against bulimia .


The bulimia nervosa is a mental disorder that is characterized by repeated episodes of excessive food intake in a short space of time in the form of "binge eating" and an exaggerated concern for the control of body weight that leads the affected person to adopt inappropriate and dangerous behaviors your health. The limitation of food imposed by the patient itself leads to a strong state of anxiety and the pathological need to ingest large quantities of food.

Usually in severe cases of eating disorders the anorexy and the bulimia we find them as diseases that occur together.

This was the case of the princess who after the pressure of the royal family, the mistreatment of her husband and a low self-esteem she found herself absorbed in a circle of self-destruction.

Princess Diana battled against depression almost a decade and his mental health deteriorated during the years he lived as part of the royal family to the degree of becoming dependent on antidepressant medications and have several attempts to suicide . Once she left the royal family, after her divorce from Prince Charles, Diana's health began to improve significantly.

Diana died on August 31, 1997 in a car accident accompanied by her partner Dodi Al-Fayed.

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