Identify on time!

The nail They are an important part of the body because they protect the tissues of the fingers, however, they also indicate when something is not right in your body. Did you know that the color of your nails reflects your health?

I agree with you National Institutes of Health of the United States , the nail healthy have a consistent color and are soft on contact, but when they present a different color or alteration means from problems in the lung, heart, kidneys, liver, diabetes or anemia.

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Identify on time!

According to specialists from Mayo Clinic , alterations in nail What you should not overlook is the following:

1. Yellow color. If you have the syndrome of nail yellow, you will notice that they are thicker than normal and the growth is slower. It is a sign of respiratory disease such as chronic bronchitis or inflammation of the hands.

2. Dimples . This type of problems indicates the presence of psoriasis, problems with the connective tissue such as Reiter's syndrome or alopecia.

3. Nails spoon type. If your nails are very soft and have an outward curvature, then you may have iron deficiency anemia, or liver disease. They are also associated with heart disease or hypothyroidism

4. Fingertip dark. They are also called Terry's nails. They are a sign of aging, liver disease, heart failure or diabetes.

5. Beau lines . They are depressions that form in the nails. The problems associated with this type of injury are diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, scarlet fever, measles, mumps and pneumonia.

Keep them nail clean, dry and short help you avoid health problems, such as infections. Learn to take care of them and forget the bad habit of biting them. And you, how do you protect your nails from diseases?

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