9 most common sexual phobias

The phobias are irrational fears that some people manifest, even if it is not really a real threat . They go far beyond fear, since they are moments of total blockage. This also applies in the sexual aspect.

The fact of having a sexual phobia It does not imply that you do not want to have sex, that your body does not react to a stimulus of this type , but who suffers from a phobia usually can not vent the tension and of course, you resent it.

Unfortunately, this causes a lot of frustration that usually results in premature ejaculation in men and in dispaurenia in the case of women (pain when practicing sex).

These are some examples of sexual phobias most common, both in men and women:

  1. There are many women who are afraid to be penetrated and carry this fear to such an extent that they feel panic even to put a tampon or go to the gynecologist. Is phobia It is known as vaginismus and only occurs in women
  2. The venustraphobia is the phobia that men have at beautiful women . For them to face a beautiful woman is more than a headache
  3. There are people whose fear is talking about erotic themes or to the questions related to sex, it is the biggest trauma they can face and it has nothing to do with shame. This fear is called erotophobia
  4. The gymnophobia . It is the fear of own nudity Y alien . Normally it has a clear component in the comparison that these people make between the bodies that surround them and the bodies that they have idealized in their mind
  5. The fetish it is the sexual practice that involves the use of inanimate articles such as clothes or sex toys for the attainment of sexual pleasure. It does not become a phobia until it reaches the obsession
  6. Although it seems impossible for many people, there is a fear of sex as such. The people who suffer this pathology They have real blocks at times that should be erotic and enjoyable. It is the genophobia , one of the most common fears
  7. The medomalacufobia , panic at the idea of ​​losing the erection
  8. The eurotophobia , which is the fear of the female genitals, so much that it blocks them and prevents them from reaching more in any relationship that starts
  9. The female version of eurotophobia is the phallophobia , the panic for the male penis (either to see it or touch it)

Actually, there is no concrete cause , but there are investigations that speak of genetic factors , environmental and even experiences traumatic . Suffer phobia and feeling insecure in the face of lack of sexual experience, or being afraid of not living up to it, are not the same thing. The second is overcome with patience and practice, and the former usually requires the intervention of a specialist in ppsychology .  

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