4 causes of female sexual problems

The sexual life of men and women is very different between them, since some external, emotional and health aspects directly influence the libido and eroticism of each one of them. On this occasion, GetQoralHealth It tells you the main causes of causes of female sexual problems.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , the gynecologist-ostetra Angélica María Illescas He points out that the four main causes of female sexual problems are anatomy, infections, inflammatory processes and emotions.

The specialist says that sexual problems appear when the monotony seizes the life of the couple, as well as after having children, a situation that explains below:

I agree with you National Institutes of Health of the United States , the physical causes of female sexual problems are diseases such as diabetes, nervous disorders or hormonal disorders. Meanwhile, psychological triggers include stress, depression, worry and anxiety.

Remember that in order for a woman to have a favorable response regarding intimacy, she must be stimulated emotionally and physically. The preliminaries can help you overcome libido problems. And you, how could you overcome sexual problems?

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