Natural healing to reverse diseases

The body has the amazing ability to heal yourself quickly if it stops the root of what is damaging it.

The doctor Dean Ornish tells us about the power of a diet and a healthy lifestyle through a series of scientific studies that demonstrate how to reverse the diagnosis of certain diseases by changing habits of daily life. "We must identify why we alter our innate health and happiness, to give rise to natural healing," he said at the TED conference.

Ancient spiritual and religious practices did not invent their meditative techniques only to reduce stress or lower the pressure (although it is also a benefit), but for the great power of transformation they have. They can quiet the mind and body to let us experience happiness, peace and tranquility and realize that it is not something that you should obtain or seek, but has always been within you.

It's hard to believe that simple and simple decisions made on a day-to-day basis, like what we eat, how we respond to stress , if you smoke a cigarette or not, if we exercise the body, or if we have a close emotional relationship with someone, they can make such a relevant difference in our life, but according to Dr. Ornish's studies, if they make a difference.


For more information about Dr. Ornish's program, visit his Preventive Research Medical Center website: