Do you know the route of health?

In order to improve health and reduce conditions such as hypertension , diabetes , obesity Y overweight , the pharmaceutical Elite Medical , a division of Landsteiner Scientific performs various health routes in different states of the Mexican Republic.

In this regard, Eng. Emilio Flores, sales manager of Elite Medical, states: "The Health Route is an initiative that offers free medical advice and clinical studies with immediate and accurate results, in a mobile unit located at strategic points of various cities of the country. "What people will find in these units are medical assessments of:

• Weight and size
• Blood glucose
• Blood pressure
• Bone densities

In this way, people have an evaluation without cost and with immediate results that helps them to become aware of their health and make better decisions.

"The effectiveness of our results is very high, close to 99% and the prices of Elite Medical They are very accessible; they are generic high quality that optimizes the lives of people. "

Flores, points out that until September 2013 more than 10 thousand studies have been carried out and more units will be opened in 2014; The main results of these routes are that most women from the age of 35 have ostepenia I osteoporosis ; more cases of overweight Y obesity .

"The important thing is that people are advised by experts who give recommendations at that time to improve their lives and explain their results so they can make sound decisions."

The Elite Medical Health Route will be on different dates in October, with a service schedule from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Do you want to know where? Get it here .

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