Do you care more about your life or the car?

What do you prefer to protect your car or your life? This is one of the big questions that arise in Mexican society, where the growth of the insurance market has been 7.1% in 2012.

One of the main objectives of insurance, whether life, medical expenses, pension or car, is to protect you from any type of risk that represents damage to your health and personal wellbeing so you have to choose the one that best suits your needs. your needs.

In information published by GNP Insurance The insurance sector in Mexico is one of the most expensive in Latin America, which has generated a minimum penetration of 1.93% in 2012.

Even the firm details that one of the most sought-after policies in Mexico is the automobile, because people want to be more prepared for any eventuality or accident that occurs, but what about the protection of life or the Health?

The Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS) details that as of December 2012, only 7.8 million Mexicans have life insurance, of which 54% are men and 46% are women.

AMIS states that DF, Estado de México and Jalisco are the entities that register the highest volume of policies sold.

For GNP, choosing life insurance is essential to have a backup that provides peace of mind and ensures your future and that of your loved ones. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze your priorities and needs to choose the best option.

Before making a decision, think about your long-term plans and the benefits you get from taking out life or car insurance; Remember that only you are the one who makes the decisions that can change the course of your life.

It is important that you go with specialists who give you good advice and plans that come close to your pocket and especially to your goals. And you, do you have life or car insurance?

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