Say goodbye to the restaurants!

Enjoy a homemade food it is one of the greatest pleasures of life. Its flavor is incomparable and, best of all, it makes you feel "pampered" and healthy.

In addition to this, researchers from the Harvard School reveal that cooking and eating at home has many benefits for you Health . Yes, maybe it will take a little more time, but in the future you will appreciate having done it.


Say goodbye to the restaurants!

An example is that those who cook frequently are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes , that those who visit restaurants regularly, regardless of the schedule (breakfast, lunch or dinner).


Eating prepared foods outside the home is associated with poor quality of nutrition, weight gain and the risk of diabetes "

This is because, in addition to spending more money, your consumption of calories, saturated fats, sodium and sugars , which are normally hidden in food.

To the Cook , you have the control to choose the ingredients and quantities according to your needs and that of your family.

Another thing that you gain from Cook at home is to reduce the stress.

So do not hesitate and start writing your recipe book to prepare innovative dishes. You will notice that with this change you will be healthier and with a better attitude. Enjoy your meal!


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