Job satisfaction reduces stress

The results of a recent study of the Pennsylvania State University contradict the traditional belief that it is more Stressful be in the work what in home .

Researchers assure people have significantly more levels low of stress at work at home, as they usually find in their job a refuge or escape to their problems.

This, because when measuring the levels of cortisol in people (hormone produced by the body in cases of stress ) during the workday and on weekends, they found that this substance is lower when people were in their work that in his home .


Job satisfaction reduces stress

About, Sarah Damaske , researcher in charge of the study, states:


The fact that there is less stress in work at home does not mean that people do not like to be at home, but there are factors that may indicate that in the job there is satisfiers .

Likewise, in the workplace people also find tasks that require them to concentrate and finish them, socialize with co-workers, these are some beneficial ones that can explain the low levels of stress .


More pressure for them at home

The investigation also confirms that the mens they prefer more their home that work, because unlike the women , they have less responsibilities at home.

Usually the women they have more responsibilities and burdens at home, for example, they are responsible for the breeding of the children, of the cleaning and order in the home, that is why they find in their jobs a place with more projection and possibilities of growth.

In this regard, the Institute of Psychological Research (IIP) of the Universidad Veracruzana reaffirms that women who devote themselves to the home suffer from more stress because he feels an overload, however, in the home is where they feel more pressure because their work is not rewarded or valued.

So the idea of ​​"There's nothing more rewarding than being at home," would change to "There's nothing more rewarding than being at work." In your case, which one applies?

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