Conflicts, how to fix them?

When we start a relationship, the love and romance is what generally strengthens the link , but over time there are often differences that lead us to unnecessary discussions that only wear us down.

Although it is normal that there are conflicts between couples because there will be things that we dislike, the important thing is to reach an agreement especially when we seek to point out the error of the other. So, how can we fix a couple fight ?

According to an investigation of the University of California at Berkeley, and Northwestern University, United States , women have the solution in a couple fight , because they know how to control their emotions.

The psychologist Lian Bloch , responsible for the research, found that women "expressed their feelings clearly, suggested solutions and commitments to the problem, which contrasts with destructive communication strategies, such as criticizing and blaming".

After the storm comes the calm

Fix a couple fight It's not easy, it takes a lot calm Y empathy to return to what really makes us both happy.

To make it, Rebecca Byler , author of the novel Beyond the mountains of the North, suggests some tips to stop fighting constantly.

1. Acceptance It implies accepting the virtues and defects of your partner, remember that nobody is perfect and wanting to change people will only lead to failure.

2. Forget about the past. Fighting for something that has already happened is remembering the emotions of the event and it will only cause the mood to intensify.

3. Do not leave open discussions. Doing so will prevent the past from becoming a discussion of the present, so the fights will be closed.

4. Identify the origin. It is really important that you recognize the true cause of the anger, this will help you to arrange a couple fight and close the cycle.

5. Become responsible. You must assume part of your responsibility in the fights because it will lead you to cultivate a more stable relationship.

6. Is it a repeated fight? If discussions are always motivated by the same cause, then it is necessary to talk and find together the best solution.

7. Remember the important thing. The love you have is what you must remember whenever you seek to fix a couple's fight.

Video Medicine: Why There’s So Much Conflict at Work and What You Can Do to Fix It | Liz Kislik | TEDxBaylorSchool (April 2023).