Parkinson's causes premature social aging

The Parkinson's disease (PD) it is the second pathology neurodegenerative in importance worldwide, after the Alzheimer disease . For years, specialists have questioned whetherEP affects more to a special type of personality specific.

The parkinsonians they not only suffer motor neurological disorders of the deficit of dopamine in the basal ganglia (tremor, muscle rigidity, bradykinesia, alterations of balance and reflexes ).

Also, multiple investigations are detected in the existence of multiple psychological disorders , which can deteriorate the quality of life of the affected and their family, which properly engines .

Among those affected Parkinson , some specialists consider certain more representative Personality traits like seriousness, honesty, self-demand, socialization, dependence on the group (be it the family, a church, etc.), detail, meticulousness, industriousness, rigid morals, common sense, conservatism, a conventional and monogamous sexual life, and responsibility, among others.

However, it is debated whether these traits they are primary and preexist in the healthy subject before developing EP , or if it is an alteration dopaminergic (own Parkinson ) of the frontal lobes and other areas cerebral mesocortical , which secondarily generate these Personality traits in the already ill patient.

As a data about personality disorders that are detected clinically in parkinsonians , published in psicologí, 59% of patients with EP in the middle stages of the disease, showed a tpersonality type obsessive compulsive, Paranoid or Apathetic (TPNE) . Half of them had symptoms in mild-moderate intensity, and the other half in intense-severe intensity.

Also, others may be presented cognitive deficits partial symptoms associated with the disease, such as: bradypsychia (slow thinking), memory , Dis-Executive syndrome, alteration of perception (visuo-spatial), low attention, little cognitive flexibility, fatigue mental and dementias . So you know more about some unusual symptoms, in GetQoralHealth we present a video testimonial of Salvador Lares , who suffers from this disease:

In this way, according to an article by Dr. Feggy Ostroski-Solís, from the Faculty of Psychology and Dept. of Psychophysiology of the UNAM, various changes have been observed in the personality of the patient with EP , as the disease progresses, they suffer a loss of interest for the family, for their friends, they diminish their coexistence and avoid having new interpersonal relationships.

In this sense, it refers to an evident and dramatic decrease in the social activity and it has been postulated that patients suffer from premature social aging .

Because the disorders and symptoms can appear up to ten years before the diagnosis, it is important to see a specialist before any change that may indicate the presence of the pathology, as well as to rely on specialized help groups such as Mexican Association of Parkinson's , which provides information and support in this regard.

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