Fear keeps you from living

"Life is for the brave." Have you heard this phrase before? In accordance with Susan Schorn, defense instructor and author of the book "Smile at strangers" , fear is a skill that allows man to survive; However, how can it hurt you to overcome fear?

In addition to giving yourself the confidence to take new paths and experience other things, the audacity it is an internal power that not only helps you overcome fear , but to take advantage of the opportunities that life offers you to be happy.

To be bolder GetQoralHealth, with information from The Huffington Post, presents you with four tips that will allow you to achieve it:

1. Always try to have clear communication. Being afraid to ask for what you really want is inefficient for many reasons, but above all it is a waste of time and gets in the way of your needs.

More than dancing around a petition with phrases of doubt: "Would you mind?" or "I was wondering if ..." he chooses to be direct. To speak straight does not have to make you look rude or insensitive, otherwise you will avoid having frustrations.

2. Learn to distinguish between a fear and a real danger. This is a key concept that you must remember at the time of a decision; Whether or not you should go ahead with something you do not feel safe about. Think about the risks you have taken in the past, the emotion you felt after experiencing a failure.

Remember, sometimes mistakes are learned. Analyze with halts the pros and cons and evaluate the worst scenarios.

3. Let go of what you can not control. Unfortunately there are certain dangers in this world that are beyond our control. The sooner you are able to accept this reality, the closer you will be to be more daring and to overcome fear.

The more energy you invest in changing the circumstances, the time will be when you leave aside the opportunity to live possible victories. When feeling afraid, ask yourself what you can prevent, and what is out of your hands. Then, act accordingly.

4. Observe and analyze people . When you feel it is appropriate to make the decision to be open with others you can reap great rewards; however, you must be careful, reflect on your feelings and what you want to express ... Part of being bolder is risking new emotional relationships, which are part of the development as an individual.

With these tips you will be more daring, but you will also live your life with greater fullness since you can establish deeper relationships and take the best experiences. Lives!

Video Medicine: How to Overcome Fear? - Sadhguru (January 2021).