Diabetes is detected in 366 million people

The diabetes It is a disease that generates one death every seven seconds, and represents a great challenge for the health systems of the world, as there are 366 million people with this disease, said Jean Claude Mbanya , president of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) .

According to information published in Excelsior , the vast majority of patients have type 2 diabetes , which is related to a bad diet , the obesity and the lack of exercise .

Experts point out that patients who do not take a treatment and do not control their levels of glucos in the blood register cardiac complications , accidents cerebrovascular , affectation in kidneys and in the nervous system , Y blindness .

The experts call on the representatives of each country to adopt urgent measures that combat the disease, during the summit of United Nations which will be held on September 19 and 20, in New York.

The October 2009 edition of the Atlas of Diabetes , which is the authoritative guide to the disease published by the International Diabetes Federation (FID), had estimated that the number of diabetics would reach 285 million people in 2010; However, a study published in The Lancet in June 2011, it projected a figure of 347 million.

Worldwide sales of drugs against this disease amounted to 35 billion dollars last year and could generate up to 48 billion dollars by 2015, due to the increase in cases in China, India, Mexico and Brazil, according to research firm IMS Health.


How is diabetes detected?

In the next video the doctor Ana Margarita Joley Velázquez explains that patients must go to the doctor for the performance of exams glucose .

The most frequent symptoms of the disease are increased appetite and thirst, frequent urination and weight loss for no apparent reason.

Go to your doctor to perform the glucose test!

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