Dancing increases your sexual attractiveness

The dance can be a weapon of infallible seduction, because the cadence of the musical rhythms, as well as the corporal expression of a person, make them ideal to awaken the sexual attractiveness , reveals a study of University of Hertfordshire , England.

According to a study of Dr. Peter Lovatt, psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire , some forms of dance constitute the human equivalent to the courtship of birds, so it can also be classified as a complex ritual of mating between people.

Recent studies support the idea that these types of inferences are general, therefore learning to dance, if you do not know how to do it, "is a pending subject to enhance your skills of seduction ", According to discoverymujer.com.

If what you are interested in knowing someone, the dance helps to break the ice, evaluate the "chemistry" existing between both and allows to have more sexual attraction and give a very good impression. But if you have a stable relationship, it is the way to improve sexual communication, recover and / or increase the wish .

A man or woman who stands out dancing, shows a special connection with their body and their sexual energy, implying that they express themselves easily and with skill in that aspect.

It also shows good physical condition and coordination of movements, two key aspects in desirable lovers. But nothing removes that, in the place of the facts, you meet with someone who precisely in that subject has obstacles, barriers, inhibitions, and perhaps dysfunctions, explains the specialist Ezequiel López Padilla.

It is worth mentioning that previous studies have described that dance has been used, since ancient times, as a powerful "aphrodisiac", in the desire to demonstrate the truthfulness of the saying "good (a) on the track, good (a) in bed " And you, what rhythm do you like to dance?