Cool the brain helps eliminate insomnia

Scientists from the School of Medicine of the University of Pittsburgh, in United States, they presented a cap that cools the brain During sleep, this resource is considered as an alternative to insomnia.

The cap cools the frontal cortex , a region that is associated with restorative sleep, which reduces the metabolic activity of the brain and produces an intensity in sleep latency and efficiency, said the scientists during the annual conference of the Associated Professional Sleep Companies (APSS), held in Minneapolis, United States.

In a preliminary study, people with insomnia They managed to sleep as well and as soon as those who did not have sleep problems. Scientists explain that the device calms the overactive mind. This advance represents a non-pharmacological tool Y effective which can be used at home against insomnia.

Scientists discovered that one way to reduce metabolic activity in that region of the brain is with a process called "cerebral hypothermia" , which basically consists of cooling the brain, so that the functional principle of the cap is based on ducts that fill with cold water and cool the treated area.

Until before this new proposal the treatment primary physician for insomnia considers the medical prescription of hypnotics or sleeping pills.

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