Controls symptoms of schizophrenia

If you have a relationship, how often do you kiss and hug your partner? How many times do you hold your hand or say words of endearment? According to science, these expressions are good for your health because love heals physically and emotionally. Here some evidence.



Controls symptoms of schizophrenia

Kathleen C. Luz , researcher of the University of North Carolina in the United States, studies the effects of oxytocin in married couples and notes that they produce high levels of this hormone that increases the sensation of wellness .

In this regard, researchers from the Department of Psychiatry of the Medical University of Berlin , Germany, found that patients with schizophrenia improved their symptoms and reduced their episodes of hallucination when they took oxytocin for three weeks, along with your usual medications.


It protects you from anxiety

A study published in the magazine Journal of Neuroscience , explains that when people are in love and committed there is a great liberation of dopamine , substance that generates a state of reward, an area that also activates when people are very happy. All this translates into less anxiety because happiness reduces attacks from anxiety .


Decrease blood pressure

A study published in Annals of Behavioural Medicine confirms that couples who have a happy marriage or relationship have lower blood pressure than those who do not have a "love". Having the highest blood pressure increases the risk of suffering cardiovascular problems , it states Julianne Holt-Lunstad , professor of psychology Brigham Young University .


Reduces the symptoms of depression

In addition to the joy that comes from living with the person you love, when you look into their eyes you liberate them oxytocin , the so-called "love hormone" that strengthens your emotional ties and increases your pleasure .

Hence, it is an antidote to the depression , since it makes you feel happier for all the oxytocin explosion that is generated in your brain, says Kai MacDonald , assistant clinical professor of Psychiatry in the University of California at San Diego , EU.

Fell in love It is undoubtedly a great experience and it is verified during this stage the body releases a lot of hormones , as endorphins , oxytocin Y dopamine , which reduce the levels of stress and increase the wellness , which translates into a better state of Health .

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