5 reasons that make your appointments better after 30

It is said that maturity comes with age, but is it always the same and how does it influence the success of our sentimental appointments? Is it possible that these are more pleasant at 30 years than when you are 20?

According to the family therapist Eliana Ribeiro, writer and specialist in Human Behavioral Sciences, Women who develop their emotional aspect have many possibilities of having satisfactory relationships, since their maturity allows them to take dictions and develop more balanced and controlled actions.


5 reasons that make your appointments better after 30

For Iván Falcone, relationship coach, She points out that a woman who is mature enough not to blame or criticize a man for what she is feeling at a certain moment, and shares her feelings honestly and authentically, is attractive to the opposite sex.

If you are still not sure why your appointments fail, here are 5 reasons why your age influences according to the expert Amy Chan of the Huffington Post.

1. Tantrums. When you are young, being sad, upset or angry tends to have more exalted reactions like those of a girl. However, when you are mature a woman learns to respond instead of reacting.

2. In our twenties we still believe in Papa's princesses. We always believe we are right and the expectations about the couple are very high; When these are not met we get angry and start recriminations.

3. We are more superficial. Many times we use physical beauty as a bargaining chip instead of observing actions and feelings.

4. When we are big we take the time to think about how we want our partner to be. If you share our vision of life and values.

5. As the years go by, we become more aware of our heart and body, and what is good or harmful to them.

"Before you love another you have to start with yourself", is a phrase known by many and that holds a great truth, because in order for a relationship to work it is necessary that there be maturity, trust and affection. Never forget!

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