Chip to exercise people with paraplegia

Experts from Great Britain presented a implantable chip that by releasing electrical impulses helps paraplegic people to exercise.

The device, called Active Book (name related to its book form), it is very small and can be implanted in the spinal canal, between the spinal nerves , in the channel where the spinal cord is lodged.

The unit created by the researchers of the Research Council of Engineering and Physics Sciences (EPSRC), is smaller than a fingernail. Size that had not been possible to produce, until now.

The device is placed between the spinal nerves and releases electrical impulses directly to the spinal cord, thanks to a series of electrodes. This stimulation acts directly on the muscles of the patient and represents greater effectiveness than current treatments.

"The stimulation of more muscle groups means that the user can have enough movement to perform controlled exercise such as cycling or rowing," says the professor. Andreas Demosthenous , director of the investigation.

The scientist said that the chip can also be used to help overcome incontinence by stimulating the bladder muscles, and stimulating the nerves to improve bowel capacity and suppress spasms.

It is estimated that in one year studies will begin to fully approve the use of the Active Book .

Source: BBCMundo

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