They discover stem cells in lungs

American and English scientists believe they have discovered stem cells In the lungs that could be used for a wide variety of tissues, This could open new doors to treat emphysema and other diseases, the New England Journal of Medicine reports.

When these human cells were injected into mice, their ability to reconstruct blood vessels, bronchi and alveoli , in a period of only 2 weeks.

Stem cells have been found in the bone marrow , the teeth , and in other parts of the body, however there was no knowledge that they could exist in the lungs .

Although the results have not yet been confirmed by a specialized institution, the discovery could have significant implications for the field of medicine, so they hope to replicate the situation and see if the same results are obtained.

The mother cells found in lungs are "adult" stem cells , this means that they are cells that have the ability to maintain or repair tissues from where they were extracted. The stem cells of the bone marrow , have the ability to become different types of blood cells. And the embryonic stem cell they can become any type of body tissue , but its extraction remains the subject of debate.

Source: New England Journal of Medicine and The Huffington Post.

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