Can it kill you?

Legume of Asian origin, the properties of soy are diverse: from a food considered low in fat to a hormonal regulator. However, this could cause severe damage to your health, depending on the presentation in which it is consumed; example, the soy sauce.

In accordance with Alfredo Embid, coordinator of the Association of Complementary Medicine, Soy is naturally toxic because it contains antinutrients and substances that alter the balance of the organism, and in its processing other poisons are added. In addition, it is mostly transgenic.

The soy sauce It is among the fermented products derived from this plant, and that along with tempeh and natto, it is recommended to consume with limited since in high doses can cause poisoning.

In the case of soy sauce, it contains a high amount of salt that excessive consumption can lead to a condition called hypernatremia; which is characterized by a loss of brain water, which causes the brain to shrink and bleed, producing the death of the person.

In an article published by the magazine Holistic Medicine and retaken by the portal Discovery Health, Embid suggests that soy is related to the following alterations:

1. Allergic alterations. Soy protein is second on the list of foods that produce allergies and generates 25% of serious reactions.

2. Nervous system. Among them an accelerated aging of the brain. In fact, a study conducted by the Hawaiian Epidemiological Center (United States) showed that tofu accelerated brain weight loss in elderly people, and that the more soy they ate the worse their mental abilities.

3. Behavioral disorders. As increased anxiety, stress, decreased social behaviors.

4. Immune system. Genistein (one of the soy proteins) has an immunosuppressive effect and produces atrophic alterations of the thymus. Exposure to phytoestrogens during pregnancy and lactation has been linked to the occurrence of autoimmune diseases in children.

Any food in excess is harmful to health, therefore maintaining a balanced diet is essential to avoid risks. To acquire the properties of soy, it is recommended that it be consumed in its fermented derivatives ... which contain less risk. Beware!

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