Top 5 most frequent aesthetic processes in men

"The price of beauty" is an idea intimately related to the feminine sphere, but in recent years it is, increasingly, requested by men. In an interview for GetQoralHealth, the plastic surgeon, Candido Mozo, notes that 1 out of 3 aesthetic surgeries are men.

Those who demand more these procedures with men with high work positions; executives, senior managers, bosses, are immersed in a very demanding environment in which the personal image plays a crucial role in the work and self esteem "Says Mozo.

Currently, the vanity and the desire to be "always young and attractive" affects both sexes equally, in the case of men this concept still translates into discretion, fear of being discovered and taboo.

Here we present you, in our photo gallery, our top 5 of the aesthetic processes most requested by men in Mexico, with information from the expert Candido Mozo. Get it!

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