Cherry red

Observe your lips without painting them, what color do they have? pale pink? Violet? dark red? Your hue will reflect how your health is.

A Mayo Clinic study notes that various conditions can be detected early thanks to the color of the lips.

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Cherry red

A strong reddish tone could indicate that your body could be working more, especially the liver and spleen. Maybe you feel anxious and have bad breath.


What you can do to rebalance your body is to drink tea of ​​celery, chrysanthemum or melon.


Pale pink

Having lips in this tone could indicate the presence of anemia. Red blood cells carry oxygen to your lips, and the body lacks hemoglobin.


Increase your intake of foods rich in iron, vitamin C and protein.


Dark red

It could be that you digestive system It is overloaded and is not performing its functions correctly.


Eat foods rich in fiber and drink warm water with lemon juice on an empty stomach. Avoid processed foods and junk food.



Congratulations! Having this color on your lips is a sign of good health . Surely you are one of those who drink two liters of water daily, take a balanced diet and exercise.

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