Pill against alcoholism

A new pill against alcoholism , which can reduce up to 60% and even eradicate the consumption of alcohol in people, can be acquired in Mexico.

Lundbeck , the Danish laboratory in charge of its production, will bring and distribute this medicine in the Mexican Republic. "It will be a therapeutic innovation and we hope to have it soon," he said. Alan Barrell, medical director of the offices in Mexico .

So far it is not known what will be the price of its sale or the recommended dose of treatment against alcoholism , because for safety reasons they will be announced once the Ministry of Health (Ssa) has approved it.

Although in Mexico it still does not have an approved name, in Europe the pill against alcoholism it was registered as Selincro and its generic name is Nalmefene.


Fight against alcoholism

Alcohol abuse is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), annually 2.5 million people die by alcoholism .

Unlike the medications that exist for the management of this disease as a state of intoxication, this medication against alcoholism prevents the patient from having the desire to drink alcohol and, with it, achieve moderation of consumption.

That is, it blocks the mechanisms of brain who are responsible for providing the pleasure generated by the intake of alcohol and combats the desire to drink it in large quantities.

Barrell explained that the effects of this drug will depend mainly on the patient and their habits, since, according to the results of studies, patients with problems of alcohol addiction managed to reduce their consumption up to 60%.

This pill against alcoholism is intended to moderate the consumption of alcohol and not precisely to avoid intake or to control the state of the illness chronic, although Barrell acknowledged that it is possible to achieve abstinence in some patients.

The great difference of this drug against alcoholism, he said, is that it allows the patient to take an active role in reducing their alcohol consumption.

If approved, this medication will be the first to help people with addiction to intoxicating drinks to reduce daily consumption and with the help of psychological therapy, help them to quit.

The medication is made based on Nalmefene , an opioid antagonist compound that could cause some side effects similar to those of the cold, such as nausea , fatigue , excess sweat and dizziness . If you want to know more information, visit www.excelsior.com.mx

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