Beauty that alters your body ...

Their presence in the wardrobe is indispensable for many women, as they are not only synonymous with glamor and seduction, but wearing heels can favor the figure: it makes it look more stylized, elegant and thin.

According to a study conducted by the University of Jyväskylä of Finland, using heels of five centimeters or more, for 40 hours a week and for two years, results in painful foot injuries such as bunions, corns and decreased rotation of the ankles.


Beauty that alters your body ...

The use of heels not only causes foot pains, it can gradually damage various parts of your body. This is indicated by the experts Danielle Barkema of Northwestern University and Christopher Powers of the University of Southern California, who present you with the following effects of heels on your body.

1. Hip . To avoid collapsing on the heels, the body should push the hips forward, arch the back and push the chest out. This sexy posture generates a pressure on the tendons and muscles in a negative way.

2. Back To walk, the spine has to move unnaturally, a process that causes strength in the lumbar area, which causes back pain.

3. Knees and feet. Prolonged use of heels can cause injuries and imbalances in posture, as well as osteoarthritis or arthritis in the knees, nerve disorders, tendinitis, bunions, hammertoes, metatarsalgia, or predisposition to ankle injuries such as sprains or fractures, according to a study of Professional Association of Physiotherapists of the Community of Madrid (CPFCM).

4. Change the center of gravity. The weight of the body goes to the front of the foot and the ligaments are deformed.

For Paola Cobo, physiotherapist and podiatrist at Pedimedical Center, the weight of the body is distributed 80% in the heel and 20 ahead. With the use of heels, this proportion is reversed causing forefoot pain.

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