Beat the obstacles successfully!

Do you feel that life is a heavy burden that does not let you enjoy your surroundings? Many of us seek to simplify life because it means being calm with ourselves, explains the psychoanalyst Sofía González, but sometimes it is not so easy.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , the specialist of the Patient Assistance Clinic of the Psychoanalytic Society of Mexico (SPM) He details that by simplifying our lives, we overcome difficulties with better decisions and greater clarity.

Beat the obstacles successfully!

The psychoanalyst Sofía González points out that we ourselves put obstacles in our lives without realizing it, that is, unconsciously.

In addition, we repeat patterns and although we realize, sometimes we feel that we can not change them and things are difficult for us.

However, there are some tips that help us overcome these obstacles and make life easier for us; These tips "are reserved because it is a subjective vision and each one orders their priorities in a different way," says the specialist.

1. Learn to anticipate. Do not leave everything for the last moment, "waiting for it to eventually be resolved. Being able to plan helps reduce stress and have a better result, providing greater satisfaction. "

2. Learn to say no and set limits. This saves many difficulties. Many times we are afraid to hurt other people or to look bad before them, but being aware of what one can do and is willing to do will stop being a nuisance that will take away time and energy.

3. Do something that you are passionate about . Dedicate time for ourselves and what we like to do.

4. Identify what is ours and that of others. "Many times we get complicated in our interpersonal relationships by projecting our own conflicts into the other and we wait for the others to resolve them; Then, being able to face and solve our difficulties will help our interpersonal relationships to be healthier, more rewarding and simpler.

5. Avoid tripping over the same stone . "Many of our actions are repeated unconsciously, so it is important to identify the causes why we do it and we will make our lives easier.

The psychoanalyst Sofía González assures that supporting us in a therapy with psychoanalytic orientation, to understand our past and those things that we are repeating, can offer us a life with greater clarity and quality in the decisions we make. As well as a better and new way of relating to others, and therefore, have a simpler life. And you, how do you simplify your life?

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