Are you simple or do you just look?

We have all come across characters that create an image - which usually only they believe - in which their behavior is an icon of simplicity, humility, detachment and kindness, although their attitude is completely contrary.

Why do they do it? Your goal, explains the psychologist Hans Olvera, professor at the Universidad Iberoamericana, is to be accepted by others based on behavioral parameters considered positive even if they do not share it.

Recognize this behavior in others, it is easy, but what if you are the one who acts like that? Answer this test and find out if you are part of this clan:

1.- Someone comes up to tell you that he admires the way you've grown up, you:

to) You tell him he exaggerates, but you're really very successful.
b) You thank and highlight the work of your team that have always supported you.
c) You notice that you have been very lucky because you do not really deserve it.

2.- You decide to get away from the material and start selling all your fine items. When they ask you what you owe, your answer is:

to) I am very detached and I have no attachments, I just need my only pair of Christian Louboutin shoes that I bought with so much effort.
b) I have discovered the value of transcending and I want to materialize what I have learned in something that is destined to help others.
c) I think that between poverty there is happiness, material goods only make you worse.

3.- A potential client for your company, says that you are attracted by the family atmosphere in the place, you:

to) You greet all your colleagues effusively, but you can hardly, you run to wash your hands and face.
b) You explain that the philosophy of the company is that everyone feels safe and valued, that impacts on the attitude.
c) You accept that it is like that and finish off with the following sentence: "... but believe it or not, we also have our ups and downs".

4.- Project to go out with your friends to camp and agree to share even the discomfort, what do you do?

to) I tell them that in order not to disturb them, I will better take my own tent and my things.
b) I love the idea, after all, being with them already makes life easy.
c) I try not to suffer so much, if necessary I will pay that price.

5.- You like to send the message that you have to be simple and cordial with anyone, but in real life you:

to) I just greet and am kind to those that I consider my peers.
b) I put it into practice because it is part of my education.
c) I behave the way I think it will please others.

Majority of A:

It is not easy to try to be someone other than what you are: Humility, simplicity, kindness and detachment are the result of a formation in values, educational and spiritual, which requires thinking and reflecting, which is not the same, and try to generate changes based on conviction.

A principle of life is that you be yourself and put aside the concern to be better, but seek the balance of your own being.

Majority of B:

You are on the right track when it comes to working on yourself, just remember that it is a permanent effort and self-monitoring, that asks you to be compassionate with you, look at it with justice, as well as give yourself a minute to recognize your progress and let them go so as not to lose the attention of the path you are following. Congratulations! You are doing a great job.

Majority of C:

You are the other extreme: although it is not about interpreting a character, it is not the intention to take your attitudes to the limit.

All these qualities of which we have spoken do not translate into you becoming a martyr, but in the fact of doing the right thing, which will make you feel at peace, if this does not happen it is clear that you have to change the way. The advice for you is that you look for balance in your actions.
"Self-knowledge restrains pride".

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