Be careful with the vitamins you consume

Everyone knows that vitamins they are essential to keep us healthy. They make the body disease free . But there is a very disturbing fact about vitamins, since it is thought that certain types can cause a decrease in the Energy and an increase of fat in the body .


Our organism contains toxins They must be eliminated so as not to cause damage or malfunction. This is also the reason why antioxidants are necessary, since they have the capacity to eliminate free radicals .


But the choice of what kind of vitamins Take is the most important question. The vitamin supplements of low quality may contain ingredients that the body can not absorb ; therefore, its value as a nutritional supplement It is null. Now, if the vitamin that you are taking is not more than a pill, its content can only increase the toxins already present in your body instead of eliminating them. And as everyone knows, toxins are the main components of the cellulitis .


The vitamins packed in pressure they are not beneficial . The vitamins that come in this presentation do not dissolve easily after ingestion


It is therefore very important that the vitamins you take pass the strict rules established by the Health Secretary . Some vitamins available in the market do not really contain the nutrients they say on their label. And a lot of that is because consumers have no way of knowing.



Beware of what vitamins contain




There are also certain tests that show that the actual content of the vitamins does not match what is indicated. But the most important concern would be if the vitamin is beneficial for the body or not, since there are some brands that actually contain impurities in form of lead , or harmful bacteria .


To know if a vitamin brand is effective, consult a health professional. Also, try to check its effects on you. If you feel it is more damage, it may be time to try a different brand.

Video Medicine: How to Get the Most out of Vitamin Supplements- Thomas DeLauer (May 2024).