Antibacterial fabric prevents bad smell on the feet

The Center for Technological Innovation (CTF) of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) created an antibacterial fabric to make socks that do not produce Bad smell when using them and that they do not cause problems mycotic In the feet. This fiber repels the Bad smell without causing damage to the dermis .

The researchers treated a cellulose-based fiber, commonly used in health matters, with a solution of zinc and other components that act as bactericides.

They also verified that the zinc applied to the fiber eliminates the presence of the microorganism by 99.8% Staphylococcus Aerus and 97.8% the Klebsiela Pneumoide , bacteria that cause the bad odors of sweat .

The structural properties of this fiber are ideal for absorbing fluids and moisture, which is very useful for people suffering from hyperhidrosis and for athletes. This new fabric also prevents the appearance of mushrooms and infections in the feet.

Currently on the market there is clothing that uses silver as a bactericidal agent to eliminate Bad smell produced by the sweat However, despite being effective, it has side effects on the skin, such as skin disease , mushrooms and itching.

In addition, this new textile fiber can be used to manufacture all kinds of clothing that is in permanent contact with the skin .

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