5 teeth whitening foods

Do you want to remove the yellow tone from your teeth? The feeding It is basic to have a healthy body and free of toxins, the denture is no exception. By eating some fruits or vegetables rich in calcium, vitamin C and D and magnesium helps to whiten teeth and prevent diseases .

Apples: This fruit is an excellent dental plaque cleaner; also, help you polish your teeth and eliminate bad breath by increasing the production of saliva, according to information published in The Huffington Post .

Strawberries: This food rich in antioxidants and vitamin C help you polish your teeth naturally, thanks to its malic acid content it helps to whiten teeth.

Cheese: These rich lactic acid products keep the denture strong and help prevent cavities .

Celery: Like apples, this vegetable is good for cleaning and whitening teeth.

Grape: It helps to whiten teeth, thanks to its high content of malic acid, so you will notice the decrease of stains and discolorations, says Elisa Mello, professor at the University of New York .

Although you include all these products in your diet to whiten teeth, do not forget to brush them three times a day or after each food, so you will prevent infections or diseases dental And you, how do you take care of your teeth?

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