Gratitude, key to overcoming fear

The gratitude is a strategy simple and easy toovercome the fear . Although it seems strange, when you focus on all the things for which you are grateful and give thanks you increase your well-being, confidence and peace of mind.


Dan Baker, Doctor of Philosophy and author of What happy people know, explains that humans have only two primary emotions: love and the fear . The first help to flourish and the second one survive ".

He adds that at present, physical dangers are not the origin main of our fears , rather they are born of "supposed" shortcomings . By believing that we are not "good enough" in certain aspects of life, as in love or work, the fear year be or to have the enough .


Gratitude, key to overcoming fear

Because the fear is the enemy mortal of the happiness , this should be a powerful reason to overcome it. One of the almost almost infallible feelings to achieve this is the gratitude .


Instead of focusing on what we do not have and what we fear losing, we should focus in what we have . This progressively creates a change of perspective that will reap great rewards "Says the Phd. in Philosophy .

To cultivate gratitude and get rid of fear , one measure that could help is to have a daily in which every day we write five things with which we are grateful . This is a habit that generates wellness physical, mental and emotional.

Every day we have the great opportunity to decide what we are going to do with our lives and the fears what we want to maintain We have the domain of our own destiny. Do you build it with gratitude ?

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