Bullying, game that damages inside and outside ...

There is a lot of talk about the physical and emotional harassment suffered by children and young people in schools; However, how to identify bullying and the role that our child has in this situation of violence?

"The brave lasts until the coward wants", but who is the victim and the aggressor. According to the sociologistRobert Faris, Most of the most likely targets of the stalkers are the same stalkers.

For Faris, bullying is a "social fight" in which most of the bullying takes place halfway down the social hierarchy of the school, where students struggle with each other to achieve higher status.

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Bullying, game that damages inside and outside ...

As in a game, each child struggles to be the winner regardless of the mechanism used (in this case it can be violence, verbal or sexual aggression). How to know that your child is part of bullying, whether as a victim or as an aggressor? GetQoralHealth, with information from the Ministry of Public Security through its "School Bullying Prevention Workshop Guide":

1. Aggressor. He is usually physically strong, impulsive, dominant, with social skills that allow him to manipulate, frequently performing antisocial behaviors.

2. They do not feel guilt with the harassing behavior they exert.

3. Victim. He is a shy, insecure child, overly protected by parents.

4. It has physical and social disadvantages in front of the aggressor.

5. Viewer. He is a partner who witnesses the intimidation situation and can react in different ways: approving, disapproving or denying aggression.

6. They have difficulty establishing relationships (aggressor and victim).

7. Unbalanced self-esteem (victim).

8. Insensitivity to daily aggressions (spectator).

To prevent this, it is necessary for parents to identify bullying and the role their child has in it; since all parties suffer damage, be it physical or emotional. If you want to know a little more or want guidance you can go to the Foundation in Motion which helps in the prevention and control of bullying.

Remember, living with violence should not be an option!

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