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If every time you prepare for the examination season you resort to consuming energy drinks, mixed with something else, to stay alert and activate your brain, it is worth knowing the effects that this causes you.

Some of the substances with which these energy drinks are combined are, for example, ginkgo biloba, caffeine and the glucose , which have the objective of eliminating the feeling of exhaustion.

However, he explains Juan José Rodríguez, specialist of the Spanish Hospital, These are the real actions of these components: "the caffeine It is a psychoactive substance that causes blockage of the central nervous system and inhibits adenosine, a substance that releases the neurotransmitters of tranquility, which generates a sense of anxiety.

In addition to raising the levels of dopamine and noradrenaline outside the cell, these substances increase their concentration (but without control) and raise the risk of high blood pressure, while glucose (sugar) provides Energy to the body, but they do not eliminate muscle fatigue or exhaustion as such. "

In this sense, he affirms that the frequent consumption of this type of energy drinks causes social dependence in young people, as well as stress, physical fatigue, insomnia, tachycardia and other consequences.

Likewise, he explains that a large part of the energizers have similar effects to the withdrawal syndrome due to the use of drugs due to the frequency and dependence on their use.

A little help ...

When you are in a stage of severe study, the most optimal thing is to give yourself your time, organize yourself and your space to do it, evaluate your commitments so that they do not join, as well as use conceptual or mental maps, and go to support groups.

Surround yourself with elements that really help you gain new knowledge and keep them current. Remember that, in reality, an intense night of learning is of no use, which will be erased as soon as you take your exam. "Prudence empowers your words." bojorge@teleton.org.mx

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