Eutonía promotes self-knowledge

This discipline, of Danish origin, has as its premise the attentive observation of our own body . Considered by many as the art of self-knowledge , is used to relieve diseases and discomforts.

It was founded in the 30s by Gerda Alexander, dancer and teacher, who contracted rheumatic fever and discovered that, through certain movements, he could alleviate pains caused by the condition.

Therefore, the eutonia is constituted as an alternative that gives the person the knowledge necessary for learn to listen to the body itself, through a continuous process self-knowledge which has therapeutic effects and helps personal development.

To learn more about the process of self-knowledge , in GetQoralHealth we present you a video of Dhyan Gulistan and Nirdosh Eidels , who explain how to get to know oneself:

The objective of this discipline is to give the person the tools needed to explore from within themselves their different possibilities of perception . In this way we learn to pay attention to the mechanism that is put into operation, each time our body performs an action.

The basis is simple: if there is a body ache , special attention is paid to perceive the positions that enhance this pain , to, well, use eutonic resources that allow to modify it.

The idea is to get in touch with oneself and incorporate tools that can be applied on a day-to-day basis. In this way you can act on discomforts, illnesses and even work to correct bad habits.

According to the experts of this discipline, the eutonia It is presented as a constant search that always leads to new experiences and rich knowledge , since it works on the "conscious sensation ", trying to achieve a balance between the outside world and the sensations internal

While the meditation and the yoga they put the accent on breathing exercises direct, the eutonia tries to achieve the normalization of the breathing by means of an indirect action, reducing tensions .

The benefits of this discipline are innumerable, as his followers point out: being a bodily activity, improvements are observed in all areas of being, including body, mind and emotions.

It is recommended for men and women of any age, with special emphasis for women pregnant and people who suffer emotional pathologies, muscular or bone.

Video Medicine: ¿Qué es la Eutonía? (November 2022).