Change your habits and improve your bone health!

With time it is normal that our body does not respond as when we were children, however, our lifestyle directly influences our future health; For example, there are some habits that damage the bones without us noticing.

According to specialists from Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), hip fractures, vertebrae, knees, wrists and elbows are very common among the Mexican population due to the development of osteoporosis, a common condition of the bones.

One way to prevent these types of bone diseases is to take care of our bones from childhood and take care that they receive calcium and vitamin D in the correct doses, as well as avoid habits that damage their structure, such as those mentioned below.


Change your habits and improve your bone health!

1. Excessive alcohol consumption. It promotes falls and fractures of bones. It also damages the healing process of a bone, according to specialists of the Loyola Stritch University .

2. Smoke . People who resort to this habit have weaker bones, even, women have a greater chance of fractures after menopause, according to the National Institutes of Health of the United States (NIH, for its acronym in English)

3. Lack of sleep. According to a study published in the Journal Evidence-Based-Medicine , not sleeping well damages the health of the bones and the bone marrow, by reducing the mineral density, which favors the development of osteoporosis.

4. Use of heels . It damages the body posture, as well as the bones of the feet, calves and back. A study of the magazine Arthritis Care & Research suggests that young women who wear high heels are often 67% more likely to experience pain and difficulty walking.

5. Eating disorders This type of problem is related to osteoporosis due to the lack of calcium, according to the Dominican Council against Osteoporosis .

6. Sedentary . The lack of exercise favors the development of fractures in the hip, so it is good to maintain physical activity.

7. Bad diet Having a low body mass index damages bone health, especially when diets are very low in calcium. The ideal is to go with a specialist to take care of all these details while carrying a specific food plan.

A good way to improve your bone health is to eat a balanced diet rich in vegetables, which provide the calcium and vitamin D that your body needs. Also, do not forget to visit your doctor regularly to reduce the risk of osteoporosis or another condition that causes bone wear. And you, how do you take care of your bone health?

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